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Allegorical Depiction of the Peace of Hubertusburg between Prussia, Austria, and Saxony (Poland) (1763)
The Seven Years War (1756-63) ended with the Peace of Hubertusburg (1763). This allegorical depiction features (from left to right) Frederick II of Prussia and his antagonists, Saxon elector and Polish king August III and Austrian ruler Maria Theresa. Pointing to the goddess of peace, who is leaving the room, her work seemingly done, Frederick II extends an olive branch, through the Saxon’s mediation, to a reserved and distant Maria Theresa. Bellona, the Roman goddess of war, places the laurel wreath of victory on Frederick’s head. A grieving mother, huddled with her children in despair, symbolizes the hardships inflicted on the common people by the war. Copperplate engraving by Johann David Schleuen (before 1740-74), 1763.