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"Declaration of Sovereignty of the [German] People Between the [Rivers] Meuse, Rhine, and Mosel" (November 13, 1797)

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3) The people accept as a guarantee of their freedom the French constition, which is founded on the rights of man and equality;

4) The people between the Meuse, Rhine, and Mosel are united, in order to secure their political independence, with the French people, and they incorporate their territory into that of the [French] republic, which, after it has subdued the kings, will make known its decisions [auch ihren Beschlüssen bei denselben Achtung zu verschaffen weiß];

5) The union with the German Reich is abolished forever.

6) The people of these territories will never deny their most sincere brotherly love for the German people, regardless of how much they separate themselves from them, and will seek to carefully maintain the relations between Germany and the French Republic;

7) All military, administrative, and judicial authority stemming from the former princes or the old order, whatever name it may carry, is eliminated [vernichtet];

8) Noble titles, orders of [social] distinction, general and special privileges, exemptions, feudal rights, seigneurial dues, tithes of every kind, etc., as well as all institutions that bring about inequality among [people's social] ranks [Stände] are and remain abolished;

9) The former princely domains as well as property that supposedly belongs to the church have become property of the people;

10) Measures are to be taken to make payments on the state's debts;

11) Freedom of conscience and the performance of religious services are in the whole extent of the words acceptable, but the state will pay no servant for [performing] them.

Should the inhabitants of these territories slide back under the despotism of their oppressors, against all expectations of success in this bloody war [ . . . ], then we swear in such case to disregard everything [hören auf nichts als] but the fury of desperation and to let ourselves be buried under the ruins of our fatherland rather than be witnesses to the triumph of despotism.

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