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The Federal Executive Board of the Democratic Women’s League of Germany: Working Directive on the Law for the Protection of Mothers and the Rights of Women (November 6, 1950)

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Question: Paragraph 6 and Paragraph 7. What improvement is made by the law, especially for pregnant women?

Answer: 190 counseling offices for mothers and children will be created in addition to the existing ones, so that each district will have at least three. In these counseling offices, pregnant women will receive ongoing medical care and general counseling, as well as help with social and legal questions.

Moreover, all pregnant women, from the sixth month of pregnancy, and nursing mothers, for the entire period of lactation (though for a maximum of one year), will receive double rations.

And the labor contract for private agricultural enterprises stipulates the following in Article 5 on Provisioning, Housing, and Payments in kind: “Expectant and nursing mothers will receive, from the fourth month of pregnancy and for fourth months after giving birth, half a liter of whole milk per day. They are also entitled to additional food provisions at the same level as is granted to the population supplied with ration cards.” The labor contract of the state-owned farms states: “Likewise, the enterprises are obligated, in cases in which the population supplied with ration cards is given additional provisions or allocations outside the ration cards, to make these available to their employees in the appropriate amount under the above-mentioned conditions.”

On the basis of these labor contracts, the incorporation of pregnant women who fall under the self-provisioning regulations into the improved food provisioning is stipulated.

(See also the next two questions and answers)

Question: Paragraph 7, Section. 1 How will the recuperation of pregnant women in weak health be carried out?

Answer: Working pregnant women in weak health can recuperate at the expense of social security. Until the construction of special recuperation homes [Erholungsheime], social insurance will make a total of 2,000 places available in the existing recuperation homes for this purpose. [ . . . ]

Question: Paragraph 10, Section 4. Who receives the one-time subsidy of DM 50 to buy a set of clothes for each newborn?

Answer: Every mother with full insurance receives these DM 50, namely for each newborn, even with multiple births. This one-time subsidy can already be paid two weeks before the birth. Mothers with family insurance continue to be subject to Paragraph 38 of social insurance. It says there: the wife of the insured, or the life partner living with him, and any daughters, foster daughters, and stepdaughters entitled to maintenance who are living with him in a household, are granted the following in the case of pregnancy and the birth of a child:

a) medical care
b) midwife help
c) a one-time subsidy at the birth of a child of DM 50
d) a supply of medicines and remedies for home care
e) care in a hospital or a maternity home in accordance with the regulations of Paragraph 33

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