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Teaching a Mystical Theology – The German Theology [Theologia Deutsch] (14th Century, published in 1516 and 1518)

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Chapter 12

What real, true, inward peace is that Christ last of all bestowed on his disciples.

Many people say they do not have peace or rest, but have much in the way of unpleasantness, challenges, pressure and suffering. If anyone wants to look at this and truly assess it, well, the devil too would have peace if things went according to his will and pleasure. This is why we should note and understand the peace that Christ finally bestowed on his disciples when he said: “My peace I leave to you, my peace I give to you, not as the world gives” (John 14:27), for the world deceives with its gifts.

What sort of peace does Christ mean? He means the inner peace that would break through and penetrate all challenges and unpleasantness, pressure, suffering, misery, scorn or anything else, making one happy and patient, as it was for his dear disciples, and not only for them, but for all chosen friends of God and true followers of Christ. And so anyone exercising love, diligence and seriousness in this matter should be able to understand, according to his creaturely capacity, the true, eternal peace that God is.

Chapter 13

How a person sometimes takes leave too early from images.

Tauler says: “There are some people at this present time who take leave too early from images”, before they have fully extracted the truth of them, and because they set themselves free, they cannot ever arrive at the truth. For this reason, one ought all the time to observe diligently God’s works and the demands, pressures and admonitions that he imparts to humankind.

Chapter 14

About three stages that lead a person to perfection.

Now one must know that no one can become enlightened unless he is first cleansed, purified and made free. Furthermore, no one can be united with God unless he is first enlightened. And for this there are three paths: first cleansing, secondly enlightenment, thirdly union.

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