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The Agenda of the Grand Coalition (November 2005)

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Improving Governance in Germany – Reforming the Federal System

We want to renew our country's federal structures: we intend to disentangle the competencies of the federation and the federal states, clarify their responsibilities, and strengthen the principle of subsidiarity. This will enhance the federation's capacity to act and react while giving the federal states more leeway in policy-making. Starting with this electoral term, we want to place the financial relationship between the federation and the federal states on a new footing.

Guaranteeing Security for Citizens

Security is the prerequisite for a life in freedom. In our system of government, the state has a responsibility to guarantee this security.

Tolerance and openness are the hallmarks of a liberal society. Extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism must not be tolerated.

The CDU, CSU, and SPD believe in a state with the capacity to act, a state that takes its citizens' needs and concerns seriously, consistently enforces law and order, and protects citizens' rights and freedoms. In view of the threat posed by international terrorism, internal and external security are becoming increasingly interdependent. We are responding to this threat with consistent security policies.

Germany – a Responsible Partner in Europe and the World

The CDU, CSU, and SPD are actively promoting Germany's role as an advocate of peaceful conflict resolution. Germany has strong partners in NATO to safeguard its external security. Together with our partners – also in the European Union and in international institutions – we are promoting democracy and human rights worldwide. We view Europe and the United States of America as members of the same community of values. For the coalition partners, strengthening the European Union's role in foreign policy and deepening relations with the USA are therefore not conflicting but rather complementary objectives that serve our country's national interests.

Together with our partners, we will work to make the globalization process equitable and to combat poverty worldwide.

Working Together for Germany's Future – Exercising Responsibility

We want progress for our country. We can achieve this through our joint endeavours. Our government program now sets the course for this process. We want to convince our citizens that it is worth accompanying us on this journey.

Source of original German text: Coalition agreement, preamble,

Source of English translation: This translation was slightly edited by the GHDI staff.

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