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The Politburo of the Central Committee of the SED on the Junge Gemeinde [Young Congregation] (January 27, 1953)

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II. Strengthening the ideological-political and cultural work of the FDJ [Free German Youth], the sports organizations, the DFD, and the VdgB (BHG) [Association for Mutual Farmers’ Assistance (Farmers’ Trading Cooperative)].

1. The comrades in the Central Council of the FDJ are instructed to:

a) quickly publish popular-scientific book series in mass editions and to ensure their widest possible propagation.

b) [They are instructed to] organize popular-scientific lectures that give special consideration to certain cities, villages, and schools. In terms of theme, these lectures should focus in particular on questions of morality, marriage, love, family, happiness, questions surrounding the knowability of the world, matter, and idea, and so on.

To that end, every county leadership of the FDJ shall immediately draw up, with support from the Culture Association [Kulturbund], a relevant list of speakers and lecturers for popular-scientific lectures, disputations, public discussions, and so on. The ideological debates shall begin at universities and colleges and secondary schools in accordance with a precise plan.

c) [The comrades in the Central Council of the FDJ] should make sure that a broader and, above all, more systematic recruitment of larger numbers of participants for the FDJ school year [program] is carried out on the basis of the FDJ’s plan for the observation of Karl Marx Year.

d) Dignified school graduation celebrations for the year 1953 must be organized with special care.

e) At precisely the time when the trials are being held and the measures are being implemented, [the comrades in the Central Council of the FDJ should] begin the crucial reinforcement of the FDJ’s work in the area of joyous youth life by organizing winter hikes, horse-drawn and motorized sled trips, carnivals and spring balls, newspaper festivals, and so on.

f) A full-time FDJ functionary should be installed in every secondary school.

g) A conference for full-time and volunteer FDJ secretaries in secondary schools should be organized in February, with the goal of determining concrete measures to strengthen the unity of youth and to reinforce the political and cultural work of the FDJ.

h) As part of the exchange of association records, the leadership of the base-level units of the FDJ should be purged of active members of the Junge Gemeinde , especially in secondary schools and universities.

2. The comrades in the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport are instructed to organize particularly interesting sporting events on certain calendar days and to work up a detailed plan for individual counties for this purpose.

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