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The Rise of a Burgher – Burkard Zink (1397-1474/75)

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When I left the firm I bought my house, situated in the Judengaße. [ . . . ]

In 1401 my dear mother died in childbirth, as I noted above.

In 1407 my brothers, Hans and Conrad, died in the village of Haimertingen and are buried there. In 1415 my master, the pastor on the Riegg in Carinthia, died. [ . . . ]

In 1419 my sister at Memmingen died of the plague.

In 1420 I married my first wife, Elisabeth, daughter of the [widow] Störkler of Meringen. We had little in goods, as I’ve already said, but we had honor and piety, well-being and luck.

In 1421 on St. Ulrich’s Day [4 July] my wife bore a daughter named Ändlin. She was surely a lovely child, whom everyone had to love. She lived for nine years and then died.

In 1423 in Easter Week [4-10 April] my wife bore a son named Johannes. He was still living in 1466.

In 1425 on St. Thomas’s Day before Christmas [21 December], my wife bore a daughter named Dorothea.

In 1429 on the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul [25 January], my wife bore a son named Conrad.

In 1430 on St. Stephen’s Day [26 December 1429] my eldest daughter, Anna, died of the plague. She is buried at Our Lady’s Church.

In 1431 my daughter Dorothea died, also of the plague. She is also buried at Our Lady’s.

In the same year on St. Elizabeth’s Day [18 November] my wife bore a daughter, Dorothea.

In 1432 on Christmas Day, my two sons, Hans and Burkhart, were confirmed.

Also in 1432 on 4 September, my wife bore a daughter named Anna [“the second”].

Also in 1432 on 9 November this same Anna died. She is buried at St. Moritz under my own headstone.

In 1434 on 23 May, my wife bore a son named Wilhelm.

In 1436 on 22 July, my wife bore a son named Jacob. [ . . . ]

In 1438 there was a great pestilence here in the city of Augsburg, and nearly 6,000 persons died of it. I, too, Burkhard Zink, fell very ill, [ . . . ] and my wife, Elisabeth, though great with child, was as sick as I. We both received communion and Extreme Unction, but God granted that we recover our health. May He be praised.

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