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Frederick II ("the Great"), Memorandum to the Administration of Electoral Brandenburg on the Landlord-Peasant Relationship (1755)

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Finally, as regards point 3, regarding those Provincial Councillors who have grossly neglected their duties, as has been said of many of them: it would be most detrimental to the service of His Majesty and to the subjects if such persons were allowed to retain their offices further. The Chamber shall therefore, after a short, quite summary investigation, remove and cashier all such persons and replace them by others who are worthy and honorable.

Potsdam, November 1, 1755


Source of English translation: C.A. Macartney, ed., The Habsburg and Hohenzollern Dynasties in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, in Documentary History of Western Civilization. New York, Evanston, and London: Harper & Row, 1970, pp. 348-50. Introduction, editorial notes, chronology, translations by the editor; and compilation copyright © 1970 by C.A. Macartney. Used by permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

Source of original German text: Rudolph Stadelmann, Preussens Könige in ihrer Thätigkeit für die Landescultur. Zweiter Theil. Friedrich der Grosse [Prussia’s Kings and their Work on Behalf of the Improvement of Prussian Lands. Part Two. Frederick the Great]. Leipzig: S. Hirzel, 1882, pp. 326-28.

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