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Electoral Saxony: Report of the Official Thomas Baron von Fritsch to Saxon Prime Minister Heinrich von Brühl on Administrative Reforms and Appointments (April 4, 1762)

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The reason I separate the police from justice is that when the former is only handled according to procedure matters are corrupted and hampered.

For all of these things, as we have established them, an acquaintance with the pertinent laws is necessary, yet one must not treat police work and finances as mere trades.

It would also be good if, in councils that are not solely concerned with upholding the law, only a couple of the same honest members with [legal] expertise were present, but the others, who solely focus on the object of their council, without law, should make up the majority.

The reason why legal experts are necessary in all councils is that, in all councils, one treats certain things procedurally and follows the delusion that a special honor requires having jurisdiction; additionally, official notifications bring in fees.

If everyone would only consider the common good, then one could avoid all jurisdictional matters and quickly and correctly decide all police and finance matters. However, when an investigation or discussion between parties is necessary, then refer it to the Legal Council and accept their judgment when it follows.

Because we need people for legal councils, for policy offices, and for finances, and there are a lot of young people who apply, consideration should be given as to how one could use appropriate means to recognize these young people or make them useful.

It is a real misfortune that everyone from every rank immediately wants to be at court in the upper councils, where one cannot be rid of the people if they do not work out. People from the middle class still decide to serve in the chancellery, and many good people are drawn there, people who could be recruited [to the upper councils], if the posts were not filled from the top, whereby some are scared off or are appeased with an entirely inappropriate title.

One sees this addiction to titles as harmless, but it has the saddest consequences for the commonwealth, in addition to being highly detrimental to those caught up in it.

Luxury is too great and exorbitant even among the lowest [ranks]; when someone with a low-ranking office is now given a higher rank and title, then the household will require more [money], and all means [of acquiring more money], even bad ones, will be attempted. The salaries are low and configured according to the old austerity, thus with rising prices it would not be possible to make ends meet, even with austerity. Now how should the new status be maintained with a family?

Few have their own fortunes, and they do not want to deprive their children of it, so the subordinates are troubled or others are loaded with debts.

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