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The Green Party Program at the Federal Level (1981)

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Grassroots Democratic

Grassroots democratic policies mean intensified implementation of decentralized, direct democracy. Our policies are based on the assumption that decisions made by the grass roots must be given priority as a matter of principle. Transparent, decentralized grassroots units (town level, county level) must be given far-reaching autonomy and rights to self-administration. Grassroots democracy needs consolidation and coordination, if ecological policies are to gain acceptance in public decision-making against strong resistance. We will work in all political areas, so that increased codetermination by the concerned populations in regional, state, and federal referenda can help implement elements of direct democracy in the resolution of vital plans.

Our internal organization and our relationship to the people who support and vote for us is the exact opposite of what goes on in the established parties in Bonn. These are incapable and unwilling to adopt new approaches and ideas and the interests of the democratic movement. We are therefore determined to create a new type of party organization with grassroots and decentralized structures that are inextricably linked. A party that does not have this structure will never be in a position to convincingly carry out ecological policies within the framework of a parliamentary democracy. The main idea is that the grass roots has permanent control over all holders of office and mandates and all institutions (sunshine laws, rotation principle), and they can be removed at any time in order for the organization and policies to remain transparent to everyone and to prevent individuals from losing contact with their grass roots.

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