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Preventive Detention (December 4, 1916)
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Should the Military Court rescind the arrest or residency restriction, because the necessary grounds for ordering or enforcing them were not present, the injured person is entitled to claim compensation.

The Military Court can grant a claim for compensation upon application in other cases as well, even when it has not itself rescinded the arrest or residency restriction.

In the event that the order for arrest or residency restriction has been issued by a military commander or an official of the Reich, the claim is against Germany; in other cases, it is against that federal state whose official issued the order. Otherwise, the provisions of the Federal Law of July 14, 1904, apply to the claim and its execution. The Federal Council issues the statutes necessary for implementation.

Authenticated by our Royal Signature and Imperial Seal.

Issued Supreme Headquarters, December 4, 1916

Dr. Helfferich

Source: “Gesetz, betreffend die Verhaftung und Aufenthaltsbeschränkung auf Grund des Kriegszustandes und des Belagerungszustandes vom 4. Dezember 1916 [“Law Regarding Arrests and Limitations on Residency on the Grounds of the State of War and Siege from December 4, 1916”]. Reichs-Gesetzblatt [Reich Law Gazette], p. 1329.

Reprinted in Wolfdieter Bihl, Deutsche Quellen zur Geschichte des Ersten Weltkrieges [German Sources on the History of the First World War]. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1991, pp. 238-40.

Translation: Jeffrey Verhey and Roger Chickering

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