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The FDP is Courted and Weighs Its Options (September 30, 1969)

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Chairman Scheel: I would like to add that the federal party headquarters was informed by telephone of the SPD party chairman’s intention to announce on television that he was prepared or determined to try to form a government with the FDP.

Ertl: I have a question about that. Can I interpret your answer to mean that you did not speak with Mr. Brandt on the phone that evening?

Chairman Scheel: Mr. Brandt called that night and gave me this information, but only this one message. He said: I intend to say that. – I said: I have made note of it. – That was all!

Dr. Achenbach: May I add something so that the information is complete! – I had a visit yesterday from Mr. Diehl, whom I know from back in the day because he worked for me in France. He said he had just spoken with the federal chancellor, who said that he placed great value on forming a coalition with us. – When I asked him what he was offering he said: Everything but the chancellorship!

(Laughter. – Chairman Scheel: A typical Diehl way of putting it!)

Secondly, I got a call this morning from Mr. Wischnewski, who requested a conversation with me in Mr. Möller’s antechamber. I just wanted to mention that here.

Chairman Scheel: You were invited by Mr. Wischnewski? – Good, that’s fine. – I already mentioned this, but perhaps it wasn’t understood entirely clearly. The CDU sent us a telephone message yesterday and sent the same message today as a telegram, requesting that the party chairman and members of the executive committee meet with the CDU for negotiations. – I answered: Wait until after today’s meeting, then we’ll decide on this.

Zoglmann: I have a question. Is the report on all conversations complete?

(Chairman Scheel: We’re still missing one!)

– Before and after? – Is what has been reported here the basis for our discussion afterward? Are you of the opinion that this is sufficient?

Chairman Scheel: Yes. – We’re only missing one conversation. Colleague Hoppe will report on a conversation from yesterday evening – one that, I believe, offered the most as far as substance is concerned.

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