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Shades of the Future?: Daniel Frymann [Heinrich Claß] (1912)

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The bearers and teachers of the materialism that predominates today are the Jews; its German supporters are people led astray and alienated from their innate instincts. [ . . . ]

Truly, is there anything more tragic than the role of those who govern today? Between them and the people stands a mediator – the Jew – and he lets through only what he likes. [ . . . ]

The alpha and omega of the measures against the Jewish subversion is, however: That race is the source of the dangers. – Religion plays no other role than that of being an emanation of the race.

The court, the government that looks to it, the governmental elements of the Conservatives are one heart and one soul with Jewry – struck by the blindness that does not recognize the mortal enemy. [ . . . ]

If one gets to the bottom of things, one will be compelled to say that at the moment when the Anti-Socialist laws were not renewed, the axe was put to the roots of universal, equal suffrage. For this democratic suffrage is politically only possible if the totality of the voters is filled with the same national and political sentiment, when all are in agreement on the foundations of the life of the state, such as national character [Volkstum], monarchy, and property, and when attitudes diverge only on questions concerning the degree of the distribution of rights between the totality (the state) and the individual, as well as on questions of the expediencies of state. As soon as a group of voters of some strength rejects the foundations of political and national life, universal suffrage is cast into question, and it becomes impossible when masses of voters do the same. [ . . . ]

Whoever wants to gain the proper position on the Socialist danger to the Reich must be very clear that the mass poisoning of German voters would not have been possible at all without the participation of the Jews, that the true leaders are Jews, and that those with whom the hopes of improvement rest also belong to this people; under Jewish leadership, the “German” Social Democrats, like the Austrian ones, are serious about their internationalism, whereas the French, Italian, and Czech Socialists, for example, have no such thoughts. [ . . . ]

Universal, equal suffrage has always been a lie, because it presupposes an equality of people that can never be realized. It is immoral in that it treats the worthy, capable, and mature person the same way as the unworthy, incompetent, and immature person. Finally, it is unjust because it in fact strips the educated and the propertied of their rights through the violence of the masses, the mass votes. It was tolerable only as long as the national and political sentiment of the have-nots and the uneducated also balanced out its inherent contradictions; until then, one could say that the love of the Fatherland was keeping the dangers in check; with the mass defection from the Fatherland, the balancing element has been eliminated, and universal, equal suffrage works, without disguise, destructively against the state, and strips the rights from those who wish to defend it. [ . . . ]

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