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Society of Saint Charles Borromeo (1900)
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§ 13. The quorum of the general assembly does not depend on the number of voting members who are present. The presence of at least half of the members is required only for changes to the bylaws, the dissolution of the Society, and the expulsion of a member (§ 2, Section 3). If half the members are not present, a new general assembly is to be scheduled, which shall constitute a quorum regardless of the number of members present. Decisions are made by majority vote; only changes to the bylaws, the dissolution of the Society, and the expulsion of a member require a majority of three-quarters of all those entitled to vote who are present.

In case of a tie vote in an election, the decision is made by drawing lots; otherwise, the vote of the chairman breaks a tie vote; a tie vote is considered a no vote only on decisions about the admission of a new member and the appointment of an honorary member.

The voting procedure is decided at the discretion of the general assembly; only elections shall be done by ballot.

§ 14. The decision of the general assembly shall be entered into a record of minutes with an indication of the day of the meeting as well as the number of those present. The minutes must be signed by the chair of the meeting, the clerk, and at least three of the members in attendance. An authentication of excerpts from the record of minutes is done by the chairman or one of his vice-chairs and by the clerk and his deputy.

§ 15. Should the Society be dissolved or lose its capacity to act, the existing assets of the Society devolve upon the archiepiscopal seat in Cologne, which will do its best to use them in a way that accords with the purposes of the Society.

§ 16. As long as the Society does not yet possess the legal capacity to act, and if it should lose that capacity for whatever reason, it will not be dissolved through withdrawal, expulsion, death, or initiation of bankruptcy against a member’s assets, but will continue with the remaining members. The departed member loses any share of the Society’s assets.

Source: Wilhelm Spael, Das Buch im Geisteskampf: 100 Jahre Borromäusverein [The Book in the Religious Struggle: 100 Years of the Society of Saint Charles Borromeo]. Bonn, 1950, pp. 355-57.

Translation: Thomas Dunlap

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